Archers’ Country Kitchen


Jennifer Aldridge, long-time resident of Home Farm, Ambridge, loves nothing more than creating delicious treats for her family and friends. Here she shares with us some of her favourite recipes that she has collected over the years. From Susan Carter’s simple salmon and parsley fishcakes, to daughter Alice’s controversial wedding party menu, there are over 150 mouth-watering seasonal dishes to enjoy.

Excerpts from Doris’s calendar, complete with recipes and household tips, help us to fondly remember the days gone by; while tea-time menus that Jennifer has collected over her decades in the village, evoke flavours and fashions from another era. For all fans of The Archers and for anyone who loves good food this is a wonderful collection of epicurean delights .
With Jennifer’s private musings alongside hints, tips and words of wisdom from well-loved characters, Jennifer Aldridge’s Archers’ Country Kitchen is an invitation to dip into the kitchens of Ambridge and celebrate this famous Borsetshire village. This book, together with Angela Piper’s previous title Jennifer Aldridge’s Archers’ Cookbook, now appear in a lovely boxed set called The Archers’ Cookbook Collection – a great Christmas present for Archers fans.

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